On the 5th of June, before the opening, a series of actions took place during the Wollishofer market (Wollimärt). The artists explored the neighborhood, made contacts with the inhabitants who came to the market, announced the exhibition, invited people to participate to workshops and actions. Mo Diener created the contacts with the people willing to lend her the basic necessary things she later collected and brought into her temporary home at the Artfoyer Cavigelli.

Lada Nakonechna did the actions "Magic Protective Circle" with the participants and passers by.

Anuradha Pathak placed a bench brought from the gardens of Zurich near the "legitimate" ones already existing in the market area. The bench bore the fake "Oliver" signature and was completely mistaken for an "official" bench. The artist filmed how people interacted with this "subversive" element.