I have been experimenting with painted life-size figures made of plaster and gauze on a wire structure since 2002. "Captivity" (2002) was the graduation project at the University of Fine Arts in Bucharest. Seven life-size plaster figures were enclosed in transparent Plexiglas boxes; a cage and a wooden window completed the installation. The boxes were metaphors of the human isolation, while the blue window was a symbol of hope.

In 2014 I continued the series of sculptures with nine figures, exhibited as a temporary installation entitled "Agglomeration" at the Kunstkasten in Winterthur. 

The Installation was originally a reaction to the results of the February 7th vote on the mass immigration initiative. "Although this time all the figures share the same fate, forced to remain in the twelve cubic meter small glass box, they do not communicate with each other. Each seems to be at odds with their own fate instead of making contact with the others. In close proximity reigns a great distance.[..] Thus the loneliness of the individuals in the group becomes even more striking.[..] Sinpalean does not see her work as a desperate, depressing memorial to today's political and social climate in Switzerland. She deliberately colored the figures in bright colors[..] to alleviate the fear and anxiety these characters could otherwise convey." (Katja Baumhoff, The Landbote, 2014)

In another configuration the figures were exhibited in public space in the park of the Wunderkammer Glattpark, Opfikon (2016).