"Wedding in the Sky" was one of the four winning projects in the contest organized by the British Council in Bucharest in the summer of 2003. It was realized for the "Performing Places Art Festival" in October the same year, a festival which aimed to draw attention, through art projects, to the decay of Bucharest's historical center. The abundance of bridal shops in the old center area led to the idea of depicting the former center of Bucharest as a bride, while the all-present debris and the still incipient recycling history of Romanian society made us conceive the bride as a ten meter high sculpture out of 10,000 recycled plastic bottles. In the day of the festival, the team (four artists and two architects) acted in small performances, while leading the public to the "bride" and the "wedding" party, following a route along several site interventions on six chosen locations. Although the festival had no real impact on the immediate situation of the area, a campaign was initiated, which went on for several years, and at present, the hole area is being reconstructed.