Digestiv: Bread as Remedy for the General Constipation

Action with Mo Diener and Eugenia Loginova-Hünemörder.
December 2010, public space, Zurich.

"Digestif 2010" was a series of actions with artists Mo Diener and Eugenia Loginova-Hünemörder. It consisted of selling self-baked breads containing messages from the media. The action was a critical reaction to the successful political campaign of a nationalistic party in Switzerland, the SVP. "Digestif 2010" was then repeated throughout the month of December, at different locations (openings, community fests, public places in Zurich), as a way to investigate how the public's reactions are influenced by the context. Among the messages collected from the media were: 

Am I  racist?
The winter will be cold.
Is Switzerland a paradise?
I discovered my identity in 1992.
Can I live without a bank account?
Is my grandpa a nazi and is this a problem?
Can I look intelligent, without actually thinking about something intelligent?
Who wants to be a stupid white sheep?
All black: Are you depressed?