The artist Genia Loginova-Hünemörder (RU) made autographed photographic portraits of the street workers on Albistrasse and exhibited them in the windows of the Community Center Wollishofen. The artist gave thus a “face” and a name to these anonymous workers, who were in fact temporary inhabitants of the neighborhood, portraying them like real heroes who “bring our streets in order“. The photographs were exhibited at the same time and place as the progressing construction work, thus giving the passers by a more personal view of these hero figures. An impressive documentation of the night road works was also on display at Artfoyer. 

The artist Mo Diener (CH) regarded the neighborhood as a “micro-model of the global network”.  She installed herself at Cavigelli Artfoyer for a temporary stay. With the opening performance she collected her necessary day-by-day objects from different residents' homes in Wollishofen. BASICS / A living installation was a three days workshop offered by the artist to the inhabitants of Wollishofen. The first day the artist welcomed the participants with a housewarming party, followed by a series of lectures about Swiss performance history and works which concerned themselves with collective interventions in public space. 

Besides her installation “Die Welt gehoert (nicht) allen“ in the window of the Artfoyer, the Ukrainian artist Lada Nakonechna performed a series of actions in public space entitled “Magic Protective Circle”. The artist handed yellow chalk and a set of instructions to people, encouraging them to delimit their personal/private territory in public space, by drawing a circle around themselves. The circle was a symbolic representation of a secure place, a sort of “home”, where one feels protected. But the necessity of personal safety brings along the idea of the private sphere... The aim of the action was to investigate the resulting topography of the circles: whether they intersect, whether participants include or exclude each other from their symbolic territories. 

Anuradha Pathak, Indian artist in residence at the Rote Fabrik, showed an installation in the Artfoyer documenting the “Oliver” signatures in Wollishofen – the signatures of a person who intervened in public space by signing his name on benches, shields, bus schedules etc. Through her installation 'Have you seen Oliver lately?' the artist investigated how the inhabitants of Wollishofen interact with these public spaces made “private” by anonymous intervention. She also placed a bench bearing the (fake) “Oliver” signature at different locations in public space and observed how people reacted to and interact with it.