I am Swiss artist and curator with Romanian roots. I was trained as a painter in Romania in the 90s at the Cluj-Napoca Art School and at the Academy of Fine Arts in Bucharest, where I obtained my Masters degree in Visual Arts in 2005. After arriving in Switzerland in 2006, I studied at the Zürcher Hochschule der Künste and got my Master in Advanced Studies in Curating in 2010. This is when I started to curate exhibitions, manage an art space for contemporary art (www.artfoyer.org) and act as an artist-curator on the Zurich art scene.

My works as an artist are using media like painting, drawing, photography and installation. A constant throughout my artistic experimenting is working with painted plaster life-size figures. My curatorial projects are set up both inside the white space and in public space (www.kunstlauf.ch) and are dealing with contemporary issues like gentrification, communication barriers and deconstruction of personal and social myths. Over the past years both my curatorial and my artistic projects moved significantly towards the openness of the public space and that of nature. Since 2020 I am running my studio in the open art space "Kunst am Greifensee" near the lake of Greifensee. Teaching art has also gained an increasing role in my career.