July 2016     Opening festivity for the Wunderkammer Glattpark in Opfikon (with Vesna Tomse)

Nov. 2013    "Gentrifizierung in Wollishofen", podium discussion at Community center Wollishofen (organisation and moderation). Guests: Roberta Weiss-Mariani (head of GZ Wollishofen), Christoph Schaub (film director), artists of the exhibition Zurich: A Portrait.

2012            "Talking Mondays" - series of talks with professionals from architecture, film, design and photography, hosted at artfoyer Cavigelli, Zürich.

Sept. 2011   "Urban Transformations", podium discussion and screenings at White Space in Zurich (organised and moderated). Guests: Dr. Anne Brandl (The Atmosphere of Shrinking Cities in Easter Germany), Christiane Forstnig (Urban Waters project in Vienna), Ioana Marinescu (Off The Map; In Bucharest)