I consider it important to share my artistic skills and knowledge with those who are interested in the process of drawing and painting, and want to acquire new skills or refine the ones they already posses. My academic training during seven years of studying painting and drawing give me a solid background, supplemented by three years of pedagogical training at the Academy of Fine Arts in Bucharest.  

Along my career I have continuously given group or private drawing and painting courses for adults and children. I continually improve my program as well as my teaching methods.

Here is a list of my courses:
  • The course "The Basics of Drawing" addresses itself to adults and was first held at the Community center in Wollishofen, Zurich between February and March 2013. I offer the course for private students ever since.
  • A drawing and painting course for refugees is being prepared for 2017 in Dübendorf.
  • "Creative Workshop for Children" was the name of the 2 days workshop I offered in May 2013 together with Liliana Silva at the Google office in Zurich. I offer the workshops for small groups of children up to the age of 8.
  • Together with architect Liliana Silva I have conceived the Course "Art and Architecture", which set up to look for parallels in the two fields, especially in the last century. The two days course was held internally at the Google Office in Zurich in 2012.